Relief Benefit Assessment Modules

With Solve Student Debt you can easily access hassle-free tools and services with just a few easy steps. We provide student debt relief benefit assessment modules to help you uncover much sought out relief opportunities and benefits in distinct areas that hide themselves within the muckiness of the Canada student loan system and its laws.

Coaching and Advice

The Solve Student Debt team will guide you at every stage. We are highly-qualified and experienced professionals who provide you with the tools and support to help you achieve the best results and success.


With nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge, we have been the voice of thousands of student loan borrowers in default, and those at risk. We are the leading group in helping to solve disputes and conflicts between student loan borrowers and the various government and financial institutions.


Solve Student Debt is a social business that specializes in social and economic problem-solving solutions for post-secondary students in loan default, and those at risk of defaulting on their student loans. By providing highly specialized coaching, mediation, and interventions, we bridge the gap that divides student loan borrowers from the financial, government, and business communities.
Our goal is to establish trust, foster relationships that promote social and economic growth and opportunity.

“You are not alone and We will help you in your journey every step of the way.”

Tools and Learning Modules



Finastra – The Imposter In C...

The Canadian government does not appear to be very keen on their responsibility of informing the public about who is running its Canada Student Loans Program out of the National Student Loan Service Center...
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Owner of the Canada Student Lo...

Owner of Finastra registered in the Cayman Islands (through Vista Equity Partners) whose CEO is American billionaire Robert Smith, assumed control of the Canada Student Loan Service Provider...
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Wiping Out Canada Student Loan...

The question is often asked: “If I go bankrupt will my student loan(s) be discharged?” The answer to this is you will not know until your case is examined by a judge in a bankruptcy court on that day it is to be heard...
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