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No matter what your circumstances are, the FREE Assessment is the first step to understanding options, costs, and what service(s) you will need to address your financial problem.

Once you’ve completed the FREE Assessment, Solve Student Debt will review the material you have provided and respond via email within 24 hours of your submission. Also, you will be given all of the instructions you will need on how to proceed.

This is where it all begins.

To assist you, first we need to understand what it is that you are seeking help with, and then determine if there is a case and approach that can be established that will help you potentially achieve your desired goal(s). Also, we need to establish what services will be required.

For instance, if the result of your Free Assessment determines that the problem is something you can resolve on your own with analysis, advice, approach development, and specific tools, then live-online Coaching & Mentoring is the service for you.

Or, if the problem is determined to be something that requires a professional to step in to begin Mediation or stage a full-out Intervention then we will identify this in the results of your Free Assessment. will organize the service(s) you need that will get you the best results at the lowest cost.

Please complete the following assessment with as much detail as possible. We will review the material you have provided and respond to you via email of the results.

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Step 1 : Help us understand your student loan situation.

Please identify the student loan(s) you are seeking help with and specify if in default or in active-good standing.

Please tell us what it is that you are looking to achieve concerning the student loan(s) you have specified.(Example : Debt reduction, Limitation, etc)

What year did you first receive your student loan(s)?

Did you attend public college or university, or private institution for this student loan and study period?

What institution(s) did you attend during this student loan and study period?

What was the total amount that you borrowed from the lender(s) you’ve identified?

Are you being contacted or written to by any legal agents, private collection agents, or government collection agents?

Did you complete the studies that were funded by your student loan?

If you withdrew from studies early, please explain the reason(s) for doing so.

When you completed or withdrew early from studies, did you apply for and receive interest relief, revision of terms, RAP, or any other repayment options provided by the student loan provider(s)? (Please provide details explaining when, for how long, and when it ceased.)

If you completed studies please indicate the name/type of degrees, diplomas, or certificates received. (If you withdrew please state “incomplete”)

How long has your student loan or loan(s) specified been in default?

Please describe why your student loan(s) ended up in default (in point form).

When was the last time you made a voluntary payment on student loan(s) in default?

Note: Money taken from you by way of income tax seizure and applied to the debt is not considered a voluntary payment.

Step 2 : Help us understand your employment situation.

I am employed

Please describe any periods of unemployment and length of time after cessation of studies.

After you ceased to be a full or part-time student, how long did it take for you to secure employment?

Are you currently employed in a career or position whereas the education you received applies? (If the answer is no, please provide a brief explanation)

Step 3 :Help us understand your marital situation.

I am

Is there more than one income in your household?

How many dependents do you support at home?

Are you the only income provider in your household?

Step 4 : Help us understand your living situation.

Do you pay rent? If yes, please indicate whether you are up to date, arrears, and the amount you pay monthly.

If you are a homeowner, do you own any property or hold a mortgage on a property?

If you do own or hold a mortgage, is there equity in your property?

Is there any other party named on the mortgage or deed to your property?

Step 5 : Help us understand your financial situation.

What is your total monthly income (Gross and Net)?

My personal credit rating is

I currently have active and outstanding

Other than your student loan, do you have bad debts currently in collection, or assigned to a collection agency?

Do you have any stocks, investments, 401K, or an RRSP?

Do you pay or receive child support or alimony payments?

Do you receive child tax benefits?

Are you currently being garnisheed by a government or creditor?

If yes, please provide details

Do you own any real property free and clear with no liens or holds?

If yes, please provide details

Is your income tax and/or GST rebate withheld and applied to one or both federal and provincial loans?

If yes, please provide details

Step 6 : Help us understand your mental and physical health situation.

Do you have a documented and recognized disability?

Do you have any mental or physical health conditions that impact your performance with employment, social or home life?

Do any of your children or spouse/partner have any medical conditions, disabilities, or serious food allergies? Please provide details.

Are you currently on medications for mental and/or physical health ailments?

While under stress do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

Step 7 :Internet & Social Media

With online social media, I am

Do you share a lot of personal information about yourself and family on social media sites?

If government personnel were to search you using the internet they would be able to see:

Step 8 : Desired Results

Please help us understand what result(s) you are seeking.