New!!! Getting Rid Of A Student Loan That Has Survived Your Previous Bankruptcy

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How Does This Benefit Me?

If you have ceased to be a student for at least seven (7) years, had already filed an assignment in bankruptcy in the past, and your student loan was not wiped out (discharged), and you want to pursue discharge of the student loan by motion to the bankruptcy court (Section 178 of the Bankruptcy Act), this tool will help you. With this tool, we will help you determine risks, and identify all of the necessary things that you must do that will increase your chances of a successful discharge under section 78 of the Bankruptcy Act, including helping you understand the process of it’s filing and documentation requirements.

How Does This Assessments & analysis Tool Work?

This assessment and analysis tool is comprised of several part. It is important that you provide us with accurate information when answering so that you can get the best result. Determining the difficulty level and probability of achieving a discharge that will wipe out your student loan(s) requires accuracy and truthfulness. The law courts base decisions on these same principles. Please complete each part, starting with part 1. Once a part is completed you will be prompted to complete the next one until they have all been completed. If you need time to complete it, you will be able to save your information and work so that you can return to it if necessary. After completion, the information you provided will be sent to one of our experts in this field for assessment and analysis. You will receive a text message or email from one of our client services and support reps to let you know that the assessment and analysis has been completed. A date and time for an appointment will be scheduled so one of our team’s experts can discuss the results with you and help you figure out the next steps.